K and I had an emotional night last night, so it shouldn't have come as any surprise that I had a nightmare. In the dream, he and I were forced by financial reasons to temporarily move in with my mother and stepfather. I get along with them fine, but after about a week I reach my limit of being around them. Anyway, in the dream I found an apartment we could afford, and began making plans for us to move out - but K didn't want to. Eventually, it came down to "either we move out of my parents' house, or we break up," and he chose to break up. I did everything I could to change his mind, and stopped just before I totally debased myself.

Most of my nightmares involve some sort of separation from a loved one. I don't dream about falling or getting hit by a car. I dream about someone who won't answer my phone calls. I dream about someone dying in my arms.

I know what all this is about. I'm just not ready to discuss it "publicly" yet.