Tuesday Rant

If you know anything at all about computers and technology, DON'T EVER TELL ANYONE who isn't at least as knowledgeable as you are. They will insistently hound you with the most basic of questions. Hey, if you can use Google, you can probably fucking figure it out yourself.

Case in point: one of my professors e-mailed me to say that she has a student who needs to e-mail her some very large image files. Said student is IN THE BUILDING NEXT TO HERS, and is getting his Master's degree. FFS. So she wanted me to:

1. Go to his building.
2. Turn the files into JPEGs/PDFs.

Apparently he doesn't know how to burn a CD, zip the files, or buy a fucking thumb drive. And this guy is in grad school?

So, fuck that noise. I'm too busy drinking hot chocolate while the snow falls. I fired off an e-mail with the suggestions above, and they'll have to fucking figure it out amongst themselves. Fer chrissakes, pay some poor undergrad $5 to physically carry his laptop the 40 feet to her building.

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