I'm in Florida, feeling relatively relaxed. Last night I spent a few hours cleaning up all the spyware on grandma's computer (which of course, she has NO idea how that got there). I don't know how they managed to completely F up a computer they 'hardly ever use' but I got it working as best I could with only 128 mb RAM.

I've been able to achieve some level of equanimity during my grandparents' racist anti-immigrant diatribes. When I was a rebellious teenager, I'd debate them point by point, but it hardly seems worth the effort these days. It sounds weird to say that "other than being homophobic and racist, they're good people," but it's true. They'd throw themselves in front of a bus for me. We went shopping today and grandma refused to let me pay for nearly anything.

I miss K. I wonder what he's doing. I didn't call him today; I thought I'd give him his space. In a way, this is his vacation too, from all the recent drama between us. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that.

I'm glad I booked a hotel for the next few nights. I'm looking forward to the peace and quiet and solitude.