2nd floor of the student union

I'm sitting in the union, not getting much of anything done. 2 apparently homeless people in the same lounge area, sleeping. One other student. I'm supposed to be writing a paper on the history and future of transportation planning in Milwaukee. It's not exactly difficult, but it has that lack of urgency about it. Besides, I prefer wasting time here than at home. At home, I'd think I should be doing the laundry/cleaning the kitchen/vacuuming or whatever. Or I'd get annoyed that the bf wasn't doing it.

He got all philosophical on me last night, talking about Nietzsche (pause for spellcheck...). It just sounded like Buddhism to me, basically. I know that Buddhism and existentialism are not the same thing, but the parts my BF was referencing sounded very similar. He even said "Maybe I'm a Buddhist" last night and I had to laugh. I wasn't trying to convert him, honestly.

It seems like almost every guy I've known has gone through this trajectory of materialism to spiritual crisis to finally realizing that relationships are the only thing that matter. Some guys get there in their 20s and become poets. Some guys don't get it until their 50s. Mine is getting it at 36, and I knew this moment would come, which is why I've stuck around to this point. After this point, guys are awesome creatures. Prior to it, they're really only good for hot sex and lifting heavy things.

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