sheer asshattery

Less than 10 days after the Virginia Tech massacre, I get an e-mail in my school account with the subject Urgent News Affecting ALL UWM STUDENTS!

Upon reading just the subject line, I was ready to dive under a desk. I fully expected to hear gunshots, or smell smoke.

Instead, the e-mail was about the potential revision of the student non-academic misconduct policy to include punishment for illegal behavior off-campus, and asked us to voice our opinions on a Web site and at a forum on May 7. This is not "urgent." This is not even important to anyone who doesn't break the law. Furthermore, I highly doubt the e-mail is even true. "If some of the proposed changes go though, you could be kicked out of school because of a noise violation or drinking ticket." If that were so, we'd be devoid of half of our undergraduate population in about a year or so.

I wrote the sender back, but I also want to call her out here. Samantha Prahl, President of the Student Association at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, you are officially an asshat.

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