Aren't you the guy who cleaned my carpets?

The last step in getting moved out of our old place was to have the carpets cleaned. I drove up there today to let them in and "supervise." I actually spent most of the time on the front porch, chatting with one of the guys in the crew. He's 22, handsome, a smooth talker, and an aspiring... everything. He's part owner of a record label. The carpet cleaning business is branching out into furniture/drapery cleaning, auto detailing, and maybe auto repair. He wants to open a restaurant - Italian, no, Cajun, no, Mexican... maybe all three! His enthusiasm was amusing and a bit contagious. Funny thing is, he's the kind of guy you see on the corner with the really baggy shorts and the bling in his earlobes, and think he's not doing anything with his life.

I don't know if he'll ever be famous, but I have to give him credit for trying. I hope someday I can point at the TV and say "Yeah, that's the guy who used to clean my carpets."

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