The freebie list

Out of boredom and procrastination, I present to you my "freebie list," a la Friends, circa 1997 (explanation). These are in no particular order, and they're not necessarily picked for their acting ability.

Chris Noth - so hot he deserves two photos. I've liked this guy since he was first cast on Law & Order. He manages to be sexy yet not arrogant.

Jason Statham - I can't say much for his acting ability or choice of films (Crank?!?), but just look at the guy. He oozes masculinity.

Chris Meloni - I've adored him since Oz, and my greatest fantasy is that Chris Noth ends up on SVU and they somehow have to make out as an important plot point.

Jude Law - who doesn't want to sleep with Jude Law? Plus, exposed midriffs drive me crazy.

Ralph Fiennes - The English Patient was my favorite movie for a long while. He just has some vulnerable quality about him that makes me want to tie him up.

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