I forgot our anniversary.

Is it horrible that I forgot it was 9/11 until I got online?

Is it horrible that I don't feel anything about it anymore? I didn't know anyone who died, I don't know anyone who had family or friends die, and I'd never been to NYC before 9/11 (just once, a year and a half later).

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murmel said...

No, it's not horrible. I honestly don't think that people who had no more connection to an event than watching it on TV, and even feeling scared and unsettled for a while, eventually lose connection with the day. The ability to put trauma behind us and move on with life is actually one of our species' strengths.

And, to be honest, the manipulation of the anniversary for both crass hucksterism and for blatant politicization is reason enough to grow lukewarm toward the anniversary, if not outright shun it, if you ask me.