I'm up late, kinda wired. The boy is snoring in another room, and the cats are spooning on the couch.

So my mind drifted back to my college days, and I started to google people I've lost touch with. Just to see what they're up to.

    HM - A girl I seriously crushed on - still lives in the same town and works for the university we both went to.

    BK - A boy I seriously crushed on - joined the National Guard and got sent to Iraq (and made it back).

    MB - A sweet, sensitive guy who was like the big gay Brazilian brother I never had - he got a degree in journalism and won some award.

    PR - One of my closest friends, and my neighbor in the dorm - getting her master's degree in Canada.

    NB - The wild and crazy girl who sold me my first strapon harness. I can't find any record of her, which is odd, because I thought of all of us that SHE would hit the "big time."

    CD - The wild and crazy guy who unknowingly titillated me with stories of his sexual conquests. I can't find anything about him; he has the same name as a drummer and a high school hockey player.

    DG - Another party girl I crushed on. The only mention of her is from 2001, when she got her engineering degree.

Then I looked up people from my high school.

    The female history teacher I crushed on is now the principal of the school.

    The male English teacher I crushed on (who turned out to be gay) is the director of something-or-other.

    The valedictorian went to Yale and is a set designer in NYC's theatre scene.

    My best friend (with whom I still keep in contact), is married with a kid and works from home.

    My first friend in high school is incognito. Probably got married and changed her name.

    The president of the Young Republicans is now a journalism professor. I guess he can't complain about liberal media bias.

    The two hottest guys in school are nowhere to be found.

    The coolest guy in school is assistant curator of a small museum in a big city.

    The school tramp has the same name as a police officer in Miami. I suppose it could be the same person, but... I think not.

Anyway, that was my insomnia-fueled exercise in curiosity. Maybe tomorrow I'll tackle grade school.

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