New beginnings

I start grad school again on Monday, so I'm trying to get organized in anticipation of that. In addition to taking 13 credits, I'm the TA for two classes, one of which is quite difficult for most people.

I have a new desk in my home office that gives me a lot more space. I bought a black leather desk organizer and letter trays. I have a combination bulletin board/white board above my monitor for notes and to-do lists. I've registered with Remember the Milk and I keep all my appointments on Google Calendar. I have my bookmarks saved on so that I can access them anywhere. I track my timewasting Internet habits with PageAddict.

So, I'm ready. Bring it on.

Another new beginning: the boy started a new job last Monday, and he seems more or less content with it. That's my goal, to see him content. I don't really care what he chooses to do in life, as long as it's not self-destructive and it makes him happy.

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