My favorite door in Milwaukee. 753 N. Water St.

Global warming?

I'm over my flu. It was like flipping off a light switch this morning. My mind said, "I'm tired of being sick," and it was over. I feel pretty good.

The other part of feeling good is that I came to a significant realization - I'm still looking for the acknowledgment I feel I missed as a child - this time, from my partner, and when I don't receive it, it hurts me to my core. I expect him to know that I need that, without me having to ask.

The unmet expectation often leads to childish behavior. That kid pulling on her mother's shirt saying "Mommy mommy mommy mommy!" until the mother finally looks at her? That's me. I'm doing that exact same thing in a slightly subtler way with my partner.
  • I'm responsible for creating, managing, and releasing my expectations of other people.
  • I'm responsible for the suffering those expectations cause me.
  • I'm responsible for the behavior I exhibit as a result of that suffering.

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