It's not just me!

Additude Magazine:
7 Common Flashpoints for the Spouses of ADDers

  • Uneven division of labor: You feel as though you do all the “scut work”—cleaning, planning, organizing, reminding, and putting away.
  • Poor time management: You’ve gotten used to having your spouse show up late for almost everything—unless you remind him often about deadlines and meeting times.
  • Broken promises: Your spouse may forget about chores or obligations, or work only on what he feels like doing.
  • Precarious finances: As one spouse puts it, she’s tired of “feeling guilty every time I buy something for myself because he has already spent too much.”
  • Wild dreams: Your spouse constantly comes up with great ideas or makes extravagant declarations (“I’m going to stop drinking soda”), but seldom follows through.
  • A parent-child-esque relationship: In the words of one exasperated non-ADD spouse: “Most of the time I don’t feel like my husband’s wife, I feel like the single mother (or nanny) of a spoiled 6-year-old child.”
  • Feeling alone: You feel like you’re doing it all, and that you have to ask your spouse to pay attention to you.