One of them days

It's been a rollercoaster week for a variety of reasons, and I just couldn't get out of bed before 10 today. I've managed to shower and dress, and that's about it. A fireplace, some hot chocolate, and an absorbing novel would be nice to have. Instead I've got the space heater, a root beer, and the Internet. Hmm.

Last night I had a dream that I was married to a Chinese woman while still dating my boyfriend (!). I intercepted a cell phone call to my wife that convinced me she was cheating on me. I followed her to a multi-story dance club complex and promptly lost track of her. For some reason, there was an immigration office within the complex, and the officer there confirmed that my wife had applied for citizenship with another woman as her co-sponsor, thus confirming my fears. Despondent, I wandered the streets and ended up in some sort of diner, where I ran into the professor for whom I work. He consoled me, then drove me home to my boyfriend, who was unaware of any of this.

There was also some side dream about traveling to Switzerland with my father and staying in a well-run hostel.

I mean, WTF?

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