Staying on track

I've been using PageAddict to monitor my Web usage and keep it in check while I'm in grad school. It gives me a good idea of how I'm using my time, and lets me "restrict" certain categories of sites so that I get a friendly reminder to go back to work after X minutes of goofing off. Being a stats geek, I also like that I can see trends over time.

Anyway, today I'm supposed to be working on a paper about transportation planning. Specifically, "the dynamics of transit and highway development." It's actually an interesting subject to me, but I just can't get motivated. The boyfriend is in the other room watching TV (hey, it's Sunday, he's worked all week...) and I'd much rather be wrestling with him on the couch. Maybe I'll go to the library... that means I'd have to get dressed and go out in the cold... grr.