I really couldn't think of a caption for this one. This is a snapper turtle who was hanging out by our campsite this weekend. Maybe he's laughing at the sheer number of ticks that found us tasty. The boy pulled off at least 6 or 7 from himself; I had 3, including one deer tick on my hip. So I'll be watching that spot closely.

Kinky camp was low-key and relaxing this year. I found myself able to get into a really good headspace and apparently so did he. Sometimes the dynamic just flows without having to force it at all.

Unfortunately, it's back to reality this week. I've got several projects going, and I'm saving my AskMeFi questions for technical inquiries I know I'll have. The boy is staying at his parents' this week to reduce his commute to work. Having the place to myself is always nice in theory, but in reality I quickly get lonely without him. The dogs and cats are a poor substitute.

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