Moments of stupidity

Sometimes you'd think I was still 23 and a complete idiot.

Last night I went out with a group of people with whom I used to work. It was someone's birthday, and the wine was flowing. I had a bit too much (okay, way too much) on a mostly-empty stomach.

This probably would have been okay, but my fiance had driven home from work just to see me, and he was not overjoyed to have to come pick me up in the rain when I couldn't even stand up straight. To be honest, I'm surprised I recognized his truck. I was that sloshed. I don't think I said a word on the way home.

I puked and went to bed, and woke up with a fat lip, which was probably obtained by banging my face on the porcelain throne.

Klonopin and alcohol do not mix. Repeat as necessary.

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