So, awhile back I offered to create a Web site for a family member's small business. At the time, it was a way for me to expand my technical and creative horizons, and for him to get some Web presence. I didn't expect any pay, but he was nice enough to give me a gift for my time. A few months ago, he wanted some things updated, and a new picture gallery added. I told him that I was busy with final projects, but when I graduated from school, I'd have more time to do these.

I've been out of school for three weeks. In that time, I've gotten engaged, I've had the graduation ceremony, I've been job hunting and house hunting. I've had 2 freelance (PAID) projects which have come up, and which have short deadlines.

And my cousin killed himself. (Other side of the family; the two guys have never met.)

So, this guy doesn't have the balls to directly express his impatience about the Web site, but goes through another family member. The really precious part is that he now wants the same family member, who does not even know how to install Frontpage, to take over the site updates. Good fucking luck. I'm 99.9% sure this person will be calling me for technical assistance, and in my embittered state I feel like telling them all to go fuck themselves.

I feel like replacing all the gallery images with goatse. (Don't go googling that, you'll puke.)

I'll calm down, and I'll come up with some better solution, but jesus - I've never asked these people for anything. If you want a professional Web site, PAY someone. If you want customer service that asks "how high?" when you say jump, PAY someone.

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