Not for weak stomachs

Warning: this will spoil your appetite.

So, I'm on the bus, heading home from downtown, and this unkempt guy gets on. I can't tell if he's drunk or mentally ill from the way he's staggering and talking to himself, but it doesn't really make much difference in this context. He motions towards some girl sitting alone, and her eyes widen in horror, but fortunately for her, he sits down next to some teenage boy. He apparently tries to strike up a conversation with this boy (what the HELL are they gonna talk about?), but the boy just smiles awkwardly and turns towards the window.

A few blocks later, the guy is still babbling, and then he just lets out a stunning projectile vomit. All over his lap, on the floor, possibly in the person's hair in front of them. I'm so glad I'm sitting a few seats back, but unfortunately I've got a pretty good view of all this. The poor kid was trapped - he'd have to climb over someone to get out.

At the next stop, the driver glanced back. I don't know what happened next; I decided to walk the rest of the way and wonder how people let themselves get to that point.

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