Never moving again

We're pretty much moved in to the new place. The moving process itself was relatively painless; we owe a lot to our families (crazy as they may be) for their help. I'm mostly unpacked and the new place is mostly clean.

But jesushelpme if I didn't want to kill that boy. I can understand being crabby, frustrated, tired, etcetera, but dude, I'm helping you here. I don't expect a round of applause or a dozen roses, but it'd be nice not to be snarked at. I am in default roll-over-and-let's-just-go-to-sleep mode, so I get the "are you mad at me?" 3 times an hour. No, not really, I'm just annoyed. Remember that rule when you were a kid, the one that says "if you can't say anything nice..."? Yeah, that one. It's in effect.

Anyway, just normal relationship stuff, I guess. For us, it doesn't usually drag on for days.

This house is so spacious that I don't feel as trapped in suburbia as I thought I would. I still feel like I'm the lone survivor of a nuclear attack, though. It's so damned quiet, and almost everyone in this neighborhood is working-age, so the street empties out from 8-5. There's no reason for anyone to drive past, so there's no traffic noise. There's no retail or industry close enough to make noise.

Tomorrow we're going back up to Milwaukee to get the other stuff we left behind - most importantly my bike. An area with this many parks should have some decent bike trails.

We're renting, but we have the option to buy this place, and I'll tell you, it seems damned appealing right now.

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